Beer Mansion

Brooklyn Brewery

Firing up the synapses is a sure-fire route to create an unforgettable experience. Sensory was the buzzword last year in the experience economy so we loaded ourselves up to create a playground for beer aficionados like no other.

The mothership for our sensual journey was the ever-cool MC Motors in Dalston which allowed us to take our audience through a myriad of rooms and experiences in a creative and interactive way.

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The Brooklyn Beer Mansion lasted 4 days and saw 2000 brand fans bundle down the rabbit hole fully equipped with a bottle of Brooklyn.

Welcomed by pink flamingos, surfboards, a Californian sunset and a real beach the Tart of the Tropics was the perfect environment match for Brooklyns Passion of The Mango brew.

Adventurers then journeyed through a full-on indoor forest that featured hidden bars to enjoy a top up and machines where you could 3D print your face onto a lollipop, to drinking beer using night vision goggles and not to mention eating cooked offal from a plaster cast body which celebrated the limited edition cloaking device brew!

Each area had accompanying feels, tastes, scents and sounds which all pointed back to the brewery in a surreal yet creative way.

Only a brand like Brooklyn could charm the senses in such a way to embody their progressive creativity.

Stimulating the senses with Brooklyn.

Guests having fun at Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion.
Guests enjoying the band at Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion experience.
Highlights from the Beer Mansion.
Guests socialising and having fun at the Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion.
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