LS.12 Launch


Lacoste are a widely recognised brand, with their iconic crocodile being one of the most well-known in the industry.

However, Lacoste had a problem. Their brand was being brandished as inaccessible and only for an elite audience.

BIGGER. designed a series of bespoke experiences, taking the brand off the tennis courts and placing it in some of East London’s trendiest venues.

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To celebrate the debut of Lacoste’s new and exclusive collection, designed by fashion moguls Agi & Sam, BIGGER. created a gallery-style event using key colours and designs in the collection as inspiration to design the space.

The collection - formed of 13 intricately designed pieces - was displayed, flattened in huge frames around the arched space of Hoxton’s Bike Shed. Invited guests and celebrities enjoyed a Boomerang photo booth, specially curated cocktails, and fried chicken served by Bird, all to the backdrop of live music from Ralph Hardy.

BIGGER. went on to showcase a gallery collection Lacoste created that captured iconic individuals in their Lacoste polo shirts doing things they love.

Taking over Shoreditch Studios, BIGGER. created A summer party style event, featuring full branded coconuts and ping pong tables and an indoor swimming pool complete with floating crocs!

Guests roamed the venue, checking out the series of unique portraits whilst enjoying performances from Little Simz.

Both events were highly successful in firmly placing Lacoste in the urban fashion scene, whilst being mindful not to lose the true essence of the brand.

From the court to the streets.

Woman holding tennis racket at Lacoste event. Guests posing for a photo. Podium of the LS.12 range.
Lacoste events photo montage.
guests posing for a photo. Lacoste ls.12 shoe on podium. Lacoste motion graphics.
Peter Saville Holiday Collector. DJ playing music at LS.12. Crowd at brand activation.
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