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Traditional bingo halls have been closing fast, with at least 40 disappearing in the last five years, according to market research from Mintel.

Bingo as we know it has seen audiences get older and move to some digital platforms as opposed to the live experience. New ventures and experiences have been popping up all over London, from Darts to Golf to Ping Pong, all to cash in on the trend for activities alongside alcohol.

The rise in competitive socialising led Rank Leisure (owner of Mecca Bingo) to approach BIGGER. to develop a new product to reduce the average age of their consumer from 55 to 35!

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On visiting Mecca Bingo in Camden we noticed how Bingo had become an anti-social experience and had lost many of the much loved and remembered stalwarts of bingo gone by. With younger people choosing to spend their money on memorable experiences we needed to create something fun, engaging and instagramable!

BIGGER. designed and launched Players to run every Thursday and Saturday night at Mecca, Camden. Labelled as The Original Bingo Experience we bought it all back fitting out the venue giving it a new entrance, bingo ball curtains, catchy neon signs and branding touches throughout.

Bingo sat centre stage as we installed a huge bingo blower machine and invited an engaging host to welcome bingo players and take them through the games.

Prizes include anything from cash to a kayak while guests enjoyed themselves in the bingo arena listening to live music from the house band whilst checking out bingo themed cocktails and street food from London's finest.

BIGGER. also worked on all social amplification and marketing. Players has been running for 6 months, sold over 5,000 tickets and delivered a younger audience (25 – 34 average).

Bingo for hipsters.

Host of Players Bingo holding up winning number. Two young ladies posing with winning cards.
Crowd enjoying the Players Bingo experience. Burgers and fries served to guests.
Players Bingo cocktails and customers enjoying the experience.
Players bingo host and winning patron of the event.
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