Store Activations


Offering an engaging experience during an ordinary activity, such as shopping, is a key component in ensuring that your brand is remembered on a visitors next trip.

Over the last year, BIGGER. have worked alongside Vans to conceptualise and create events for a string of new stores throughout the UK & Ireland. The focus was to draw in crowds, engage them with a fun, cool activations and offer them an incentive to buy.

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BIGGER. decided to embrace the strong brand culture Vans has established, teaming up with local artists to create 6 bespoke designs linking the Vans brand to each store’s local community.

Each design was used to produce a limited edition set of patches, stickers and pin badges, available in stores for one day only.

During each launch event, the artist would be on hand to personally customise tote bags with the designs. This was a huge hit, as customers queued out the door to have their new purchases customers with the one of a kind art work.

Along with the customisation, customers had the opportunity to win huge in store discounts by playing prize pong against our team, whilst feasting on locally sourced beers and pizza.

Each store launch saw a record number of visits which was tracked through in store technologies.

Retailtainment to launch store.

DJ and guests posing at a Vans store activation.
Illustrator working on shoe design for Vans. Children enjoying the event.
Vans student promotion. Illustrator producing a Vans tote bag.
Vans Pillowheat stickers. Guests playing beer pong at store activation.
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