The Rich List


Happiness, Wealth, Rich. What do you value most in life? This is the question that lager giants San Miguel strived to answer with their incredibly successful Rich List campaign, featured in The Independent as a juxtaposition of The Sunday Times annual survey.

The article featured a collection of men and women who strive to discover wealth from experience, challenging the rhetoric that wealth comes from material gain.

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BIGGER. teamed up with creative agency Pablo to bring The Rich List to life, creating the San Miguel ‘Find Your Rich’ Experiment to challenge guests’ perception of rich, and revealing what kind of rich they truly valued.

Guests were subjected to sensory tests designed to ascertain what each individual valued most in life. Journeying through 4 experiment rooms, participants were presented with a variety of contrasting sensory stimuli.

Using state of the art RFID technology, each would choose which stimuli they preferred, unknowing that some of the stimuli represented material wealth, and some represented wealth from experience.

Once completing all 4 experiments, guests would enter the final room in which their results were corroborated and were presented with their Rich List Profile, a collection of personalised data informing them of what their senses say about their idea of rich and attraction to life-rich experiences.

To complete the experience, guests were recommended a lager that best suited their rich profile that they could redeem at the bar, along with the option to share their profile to social media.

Defining your value of wealth with tech.

San Miguel beer photo. RIch List entrance. Guests posing for photo.
Guests exploring and having run at the rich list activation.
Participants using RFID wrist bands and eating food at the rich list.
Guests having a drink of San Miguel at the rich list experience.
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