Challenging perception in the wine industry.

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The canned wine market is rapidly growing as consumers start to see the benefits of the convenience and portability coupled with the positive eco message cans in general carry. Early signs show 40% of existing wine drinkers are adding cans to their selection, cans also play a dual role in opening up new occasions where wine has previously missed out.

Our client wanted to launch a new brand into the market, using Italian grapes from a family owned vineyard that has been operational for over a century with each can delivering a crisp and refreshing premium sparkling wine.

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Defining a premium, traditional product through a modern lens.

The current UK canned wine landscape varies from brash, cheaper and more rebellious brands to more premium and elegant offerings. Our challenge was to design and create a brand that sat somewhere in between, speaking to an audience who want great wine without the pretence.

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Defining the visual language for multi channel consistency.

The brand guidelines have been interpreted in a variety of ways from business stationary and campaign work, to social media content and printed literature. They ensure consistent and quality communications.

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Packaging design that balances boldness and elegance.

We very much believe ‘less is more’ when it comes to providing the reassurance of quality through packaging. Our stripped back design comes in two beautiful pastel colourways with a gold foil applied to a bold word mark logo ensuring instant brand recognition.

Communicating rich flavour profiles with pictures you can almost taste them.

Photography plays a key role in any brand, we knew HOC could capture lifestyle photography further down the line at various summer food & drinks events, but first we worked closely with our chosen food stylists and photographer to art direct a shoot that would capture and showcase the product for best first impressions with the audience.

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Engaging online content for the modern consumer.

The House of Canvino target audience is at the younger end of the wine drinking spectrum so digital content is paramount. The website delivers an aspirational, yet accessible aesthetic.

Social media assets aim to deliver both sales and marketing messages mixed with a more content rich & playful experience, building a dialogue with followers so that more meaningful relationships are built along the way.

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