Celebrating 25 years and £1M donated to charity.

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World leading and independently owned insurance group Hyperion have truly defined themselves as a maverick within the insurance industry. To celebrate their Twenty-fifth anniversary BIGGER were appointed to help create a memorable experience and celebrate the achievement and successes of their employees.

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Defining a moment of achievement within the insurance industry.

To celebrate 25 years of growth and hard work from a passionate community Hyperion commissioned BIGGER to create a visual identity for the anniversary which spoke to the hard work and dedication of employees through various charitable challenges and volunteering associations.

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An identity crafted to celebrate success.

With the anniversary milestone at the heart, we de-constructed the Hyperion logo to form the number 25 in a bold geometric take on Roman numerals, each colour representing a division of the business.

The concept married up with the sentiment of 'limits are an illusion' inspired by the achievements of the Hyperion employees who over the years had completed various physical endeavours to raise over 1 million pounds for various charities.

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Creating an everlasting impression.

Inspired by the passionate and dedicated Hyperion team, we knew that creating an everlasting impression for all employees was paramount.

We created memorable touch points throughout the campaign including working with local printers to source premium wooden, engraved keepsake invitations for employees.

Limits Are An Illusion.

It was imperative that we included highlights from employees who had completed great achievements across the campaign artwork and identity.

This included a photoshoot to capture employees within their chosen fundraising activities and hero them across print media. We treated the imagery for consistency and contrast and by placing it within our geometric XXV creating a visual metaphor of limits employees pushed through to reach their goals.

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Immediate recognition across all deliverables.

Our creative identity system allowed for bold, consistent and immediate recognition across all manner of deliverables.

In addition to print, media, invitation, event branding and all conference assets, we also designed the experiential festival and event gala that took place within Cornbury Park Estate.

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