European Holiday Facade Campaign.

The North Face X Strava

Calvin Klein Europe (PVH Group) appointed Nation & James to Art Direct the facades and in-store print campaign of European flagship retailers for the 2022 holiday season.

The brief needed to incorporate influences from the global brand guidelines holiday season creative palette and the final creative solutions had to be flexible and appeasing for 4 very different European storefronts.

We had to offer simple yet brave art direction to elevate Calvin Klein’s presence on the high street and stand out from the crowd in a competitive season.

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Artistic Direction.

A selection of creative concepts was proposed and a theme was suggested to resonate across the different cities and languages.

From storefronts to in-store printed items such as gift cards and wrapping, we wanted to provide customers with a warm sentiment of ‘giving and sharing goodwill’. The concept would embrace the individuality of each city store and its customers while providing a cohesive campaign and consistent creativity throughout.

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Working together.

Nation & James worked closely with the marketing and media teams at PVH Europe to provide creative concepts that would be impactful yet sympathetic to the multiple stakeholders required to deliver the live design. This included local authority and local production teams as well as local interior design teams.

We worked diligently to ensure the ideas and designs weren’t compromised but yet fulfilled tight regulations for listed buildings as well as providing guidance on and consideration of materials to be used that would fit with environmental and brand guidelines.

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Concept development.

The delivered solution integrated folds and angles, structural in form and emulating the positive sentiment felt when unwrapping or opening a gift or greeting card.

The final solution delivered crushed silver foil, overlayed by the textured white card, folded over to reveal a smooth clean reverse and drawing your focus and attention to what’s inside and sparking interest.Shadows were added to emphasise the fold and give the designs a realistic sense of depth.

Impactful execution.

Fewer longer cuts and folds created cleaner and bolder visuals avoiding encroaching on any window space and important visual merchandising, instead exaggerating while perfectly framing and showcasing Calvin Klein's iconic fashion designs.

Upon final concept sign off, Nation & James were briefed to develop the creative direction for in-store printed material in keeping with this theme at the associated stores.

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