Creative direction for a brand at the crossroads of fashion.

The North Face X Strava

When Lacoste opened a new flagship store on London’s famous Regent Street, they asked us to pitch to organise the party. When Lacoste saw our idea, they asked us to create the promo and advertising for the launch as well.

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Two worlds

Lacoste’s unique heritage means it is seen both as a legitimate sports brand and a cool fashion brand. This tension was the key to Lacoste's appeal ‘From the court to the street’, and was the springboard for our idea.

Our symmetrical visuals juxtaposed tennis related objects, with the Oxford Circus roundabout on Regent Street, bringing the brand tension to life and highlighting the new store’s location.

For the party itself we created a hybrid universe, transporting our guests from Regent Street to a place where identity is fluid, perceptions are challenged & self expression is celebrated.

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Event pitch support

On top of the concept and creative direction supplied to support the pitch of our sister events agency BIGGER, we also developed a series of 3D visuals to better convey the physical journey through the ‘hybrid universe’ party space for guests to enjoy post Regent Street reception.

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Concept development from event collateral to OOH campaign

After a few rounds of creative we zeroed in on a route where our art boards are split between shots of Regent Street & Tennis courts, eventually arriving at system using the Oxford Street / Regent Street roundabout centralised symmetrically against tennis visual aligning a ball to the roundabout. It was the visual metaphor deemed most appropriate for the theme of duality given the brand tension across different fashion territories.

This art direction would expand beyond print and digital applications at the event into a OOH promotional campaign for the store launch too.

Hybrid universe party

After guests had explored the new store and posed in front of in-store graphics, we whisked them off to Phonica Records in Lacoste branded tuk tuks.

The record store was subtly adorned with branded record paraphernalia, as the guests transitioned through a speakeasy style entrance to the event venue below. Green neon signs and lights lit the industrial surroundings as guests generated social content in our branded basement areas.

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