Attracting a new generation to the great game.

The North Face X Strava

With the vast majority or new players failing to return to venue after their first visit there was clearly a challenge that needed to be addressed and a big opportunity for new audiences & retention.

Identifying demographics falling almost exclusively into the under 35 age bracket Mecca needed solutions to engage with these consumers in new ways.

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Adjusting the brand architecture for a more authentic expression.

After analysing the various touch points and completing a full audit of the brand identity and experience it was clear there was confusion around the brand architecture, we repositioned bonkers as an endorsed brand so it could step out and express itself more freely whilst retaining the bingo credentials of the mother brand.

This allowed us to address the mismatch between the craziness of the experience and the way it was communicated across all channels. It just didn’t feel ‘bonkers’ enough.

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Delivering an identity that represents the experience.

The opportunity to develop Bonkers Bingo as an endorsed brand in its own right gave licence to push the creative boundaries for the desired customer in a way that would promote and invoke the energy of a Bonkers bingo night.

This was key to achieving the business goal of positioning the brand in the eyes of potential new consumers.

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Reimagining this success for a London centric audience.

On the back of the success of the Bonkers Bingo brand attention turned away from the provincial towns and to how we could take on the more saturated competitive gaming entertainment sector in London.

The solution was Players Bingo, owning and celebrating the heritage and expertise Mecca brings in the unique setting only a bingo club can offer. Out with the inflatable sheep & confetti, in with the cocktail lounge & table service, taking it back to what bingo was all about; fun, social gaming.

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Turning a dated bingo hall into a chic pop up speak easy.

The concept worked with the existing features and dressed the space with art deco and American diner influences. The rear entrance would be used as a speak-easy style corridor into the newly installed Players lounge.

The main hall would be curtained in half for a more intimate space, and shielded by a branded ‘ball wall’ providing the wow factor when entering the main hall from the lounge.

London Calling. Getting the word out with a targeted social promotion and PR push combo.

Free press launch parties providing features in TimeOut London and Design My Night fed into a coordinated campaign on Facebook and Instagram resulting in the night becoming a roaring success straight out the gate.

Players bingo introduced an entirely new demographic to Mecca, with over 85% of the audience between the ages of 18 and 44, delivering a greater spend per head, glowing reviews and 5 star visitor recommendation.

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