Creating FOMO for one of the world’s biggest nutrition companies.

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Every year, Herbalife Nutrition invites tens of thousands of their distributers to join them in a 3-day extravaganza event.

Taking over a city in Europe, Herbalife Nutrition host a stadium size conference, culminating in the most elite evening in their social calendar – The Qualifier Party, an invitation only event for 3000 of Herbalife Nutrition’s top-level distributers.

This year, Herbalife Nutrition invited BIGGER. to design a one of a kind event in Cologne’s MotorWorld venue. The mission? To give guests an unforgettable night, keep them talking for months to come, create FOMO in those not qualified to attend and ensuring they strive to make the guest list next year.

Taking influence from the golden era of disco, BIGGER. designed a night of exclusivity and glamour. Fusing this with fun, psychedelic installations, guests had plenty to get excited about.

Greeted by a supersized disco ball rotating from the ceiling, the Herbalife Nutrition logo sat proudly in the centre, posing for the perfect photo opportunity. Creating a multi-tiered luxury VIP platform, we ensured the Herbalife Nutrition A-listers had a front row seat of the evening’s entertainment.

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Inviting a touch of experiential into an event is a sure-fire way to thrill guests from start to finish, ensuring they have plenty of photo-worthy content to plaster over their social channels.

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Two experience rooms were crafted out of white gauze, each of which were transformed into immersive, interactive experiences for guests to enjoy.

For the first, BIGGER. created a hedonistic style space, complete with UV lights and a large bespoke made ball pit. Distorted mirrors hung from the ceiling and off the walls, encouraging guests to lie back and feel as if they were in a psychedelic dream.

The second room featured a vibrant colour-block lounge for guests to relax and take selfies immersed in colour. Split into four key colours, guests found themselves immersed head to toe in each section, with giant balloons overhead and a plush carpet underfoot.

The space made the perfect hideaway for those wanting to chill out but still feel part of the action.

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The night received a huge presence on social media with hundreds of posts appearing from our experience rooms and distributors already buying tickets for 2020, excited for what’s to come.

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