Expressing the future of fabric.

The North Face X Strava

CELYS is a revolutionary new material technology based in China. Currently, they are experiencing growth in the Asian & Australasian markets, we were approached to create a video asset for their marketing department to better and more immediately communicate their product with impact and style.

CELYS is a recyclable polymer that can be made into fibres and replace polyester that does not biodegrade. Such materials are a huge contributor to plastic waste & an environmental ticking bomb given consumerisms problem with ‘fast fashion’ and cheap disposable online clothing.

Originally targeted at European & North American fashion buyers this video was subsequently translated for all their global markets due to its success and popularity within their marketing team.

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Summarising molecular detail.

We absorbed all the current marketing literature, reflecting on it’s efficacy. In this case we felt that in order to create an engaging video that had clarity & tempo we had to strip out some of the scientific details, a more ‘big picture’ approach.

This video serves as a gateway asset for further research, and excessive detail can actually be detrimental to this objective. Focus on your solutions to pain points of the target audience and let them dig deeper.

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Structure and art direction.

We were inspired by various videos that took a minimalist approach with no voice over and simple typographical approach to add emphasis to our statements.

We also knew we’d need to explore 3D visuals acting as representations of the material and technological innovation, transitioning into footage of people and fabrics with a sustainable & eco friendly tone.

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Script and story board.

The message always comes first, and our team wrote a script which encapsulated the brand and their message. Collaboration with CELYS was key to ensuring they got the marketing message they wanted distilled into an engaging video asset.

From this we could then arrive at a visual storyboard, which broke down scene by scene what we would visualise on screen with the copy.

Final art direction approval.

Once the script and story board was achieved we then invested time into higher definition renders of the 3D visuals. Selecting a few static scenes to work up into high res visuals so the client could be confident of the final look and feel before production.

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