Expressing the future of fabric.

The North Face X Strava

CELYS is a revolutionary new recyclable polymer that can be made into fibres to create more sustainable fashion. Ultimately, Celys could replace polyester, which does not biodegrade.

The brand is growing in Asia and Australasia, but the company wanted to update their brand and message before targeting the European and North American markets.

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The molecular detail

We absorbed all the current marketing literature, reflecting on its efficacy. We felt a key challenge was understanding when and how to move from big picture purpose to scientific specificity.

Our communication system had to know when to sacrifice detail for impact, and vice versa, while maintaining a consistent visual and verbal tone.

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Distilling the message

Our script encapsulated the brand and their message, distilling into an engaging and concise narrative. From this we created a storyboard, which broke down what we would see scene by scene.

We then invested time into higher definition renders of the 3D visuals. Selecting a few static scenes so Cerys could be confident of the final look and feel before production.

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New identity

Our colour palette was inspired by nature and utilised minimalist design elements, such as clean lines and ample white space, to communicate both scientific professionalism and environmental consciousness.

Clarity and refinement

The principles of clarity and functionality are key to our design. Utilising uncomplicated layouts with intuitive navigation, our website allows visitors to easily access information about the product’s scientific features and environmental benefits.

Considered imagery and subtle animations enhance the user experience, while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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Workshop activations

We delivered interactive workshops on sustainable fashion and the science behind the biodegradable fabrics to engage our sashion industry audience. Attendees could engage with product experts and fashion designers to learn eco-friendly practices while showcasing the product’s innovative features in context.

Hands-on experience of the product gives a reassurance of quality that non-tactile channels simply can’t match. These deeply memorable experiences, cemented the brand’s position at the intersection of science and sustainability.

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