Walls are meant to unite us. Not divide us.

The North Face X Strava

Climbing has recently become more and more popular as a sport within urban spaces, climbing gyms are popping up and memberships surging from young beginners.

After working with The North Face for 4 years across various projects and festivals we were invited to develop a European experiential campaign which would last the summer of 2019 and celebrate this burgeoning sport whilst weaving in an important socio-economic message.

BIGGER and The North Face worked together to bring to life their infamous ‘Walls’ campaign. We were tasked to unite people from all walks of life to come together and discover climbing in an urban environment.

At a time when more people than ever are feeling isolated and disconnected, we see an opportunity to challenge divisive rhetoric and, through storytelling and community, show how inclusive of a world we can build.

We believe in a world that is united through our difference, a world bound by empathy, and a world strengthened by understanding.

The third iteration of WAMFC will highlight walls (physical or metaphorical) as places to connect, and through the empathy and understanding that comes with that connection, work together to overcome obstacles.

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From the beginning of the project BIGGER had played a key part in the conception of the project, conceiving and designing the structure and features of the climbing experience.

BIGGER also worked alongside The North Face's branding department in order to create assets for both OOH and digital advertising and promotion across all of the touring locations.

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The experience, comprising of 4 reclaimed shipping containers included multiple climbing experiences with RFID touch-points for audience to log their achievements, merch and info space, viewing steps and platforms.

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By day The North Face athletes guided climbers through the various climbing and bouldering routes and by night talks and screenings were capped off with performances and sets from influential artists and DJs.

We toured ‘Walls’ to outdoor venues with high footfall to Munich,London and Milan for two days at a time. On average we saw 500 people a day enjoy, learn and get inspired about climbing.

We left a lasting impression on attendees by emailing each of them recommended climbing spots near to them as well as vouchers to buy The North Face climbing gear and each of the containers was reconditioned and left in each city as a lasting legacy piece for climbers to enjoy.

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